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    Singapore warms to fiery Indian Chinese cuisine
  Singapore warms to fiery Indian Chinese cuisine

To purists, and the uninitiated, the idea of Indian Chinese cuisine can sound suspiciously like the sushi taco -- a fusion step too far, that risks ruining two of the world's best-loved cuisines in one fell swoop.

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  INDIAN WOK - 8 Days - Nov 2006
  ...The battered crab claws ($24) arrived with their shells removed and doused with a rather salty blend of tomatoes, garlic, herbs and sweet chilli. Particularly more-ish were the salt and black pepper prawns ($20), which were blanketed with tiny celery and spring onions. The five-spice chicken ($12) was dusted with corn flour before being flash-fried. A must-try is the Gobhi Manchurian ($8, also on the Bombay Cafe menu): lovely floured cauliflower florets that were marinated with coriander, onion and garlic and then deep-fried. The charred flavours were delightful and I could easily have eaten them by the handful. For desserts, try the ice-cream-topped brownie ($12), served on a hotplate with the chocolate sauce sizzling for dear life. It’s hysterically entertaining.
    Mixed Marriage - Her World - Nov 2006
  ...Catching a Bollywood movie and the finding out that Jet Li is the main actor - that was how we felt after our lunch at Indian Wok (699 East Coast Road, tel: 6448-2003). “Indian-Chinese” cuisine, brought to India by Hakka immigrants, is all the rage there, but it’s a first in Singapore.
    Classy Chinese with Indian Touch - TODAY - Oct 2006
  ...When I first heard about the newly opened Indian Wok restaurant in East Coast, I was curious to find out what it has to offer. Despite its name, Indian Wok doesn’t actually serve Indian fare but Chinese food adapted to the Indian palate.
  The Best of Both World - The Sunday Times - Oct 2006

... The most famous dishes are chilli chicken (chicken chunks fried with chilli, garlic and soya sauce); gobi Manchurian (cauliflower fritters tossed in a tangy sauce); and Hakka noodles (thick noodles fried with soya sauce and shredded vegetables).

There are Sichuan chicken, prawns, paneer (cottage cheese) or fried rice, which boast a more fiery sauce made with dried red chillies.

These dishes are eaten with fried noodles, fried noodles, fried rice or steamed basmati rice...

    Perfect Indian + Chinese Cuisine - ICON Chinese - Oct 2006
Indian Wok
699 East Coast Road (near Siglap Centre)
Phone: 6448 2003
    Siplap Spree - Home Concept - Oct 2006
... The menu is put together by executive chef Binod Rai, who has worked in some of the best establishments in his native Kolkatta. Multi-tries include Crab Claw with Sweet Chilli, Pomfret Havoli and Chocolate Date Pancake. The restaurant also has a fine selection of wines to complement this ‘blended’ style of cuisine.
    In the East - IS magazine - Oct 2006
... Indian Wok, this warm and inviting Indian restaurant is one of the few in Singapore that serves authentic Indian-Chinese cuisine, which is very popular in India. The restaurant is immensely crowded on the weekends, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand...
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