Welcome to the unique world of Indian Chinese food.

As History puts it  the Hakkas,an ethnic group of Han Chinese who settled in the northeastern area of China,known as Manchuria. When Genghis Khan moved in during the 13th century, the Hakka packed up and left for southeast China (Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong). They were called “Hakka” by the locals. Over the centuries, the Hakka left the motherland for northern India & other parts of the world.

As years flew past ,the Hakkas grew to love eating the local spices ,hence incorporated Chinese wok cooking with many traditional Indian ingredients.This concoction & fine blend of the two styles whipped up an original menu of its kind.

At Indian Wok we recreate this magic of Indianized Chinese cuisine at its original best, treating you  to a banquet of delights, featuring the gastronomic cultures of India & China. Savour a tantalising range of cuisine in vibrant surroundings.Our experienced chefs flaunt their exquisite creations & our fine selection of wines complimenting the cuisine. Aesthetically done interiors,warm & cordial staff,soft music,all will set you in the right mood to appreciate a delectable meal at INDIAN WOK.

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